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What are CS: GO High Tier Accounts?

High tier accounts have a high trust factor in csgo matchmaking. These type of csgo accounts includes trophies and medals with high profile rank. CSGO High tier accounts include service medal and these type of accounts known as csgo service medal accounts.

CSGO Accounts includes service medals, trophies, coins, and badges from the last 10 years and these accounts are rare t find and CSGOStation is one of the best eCommerce marketplaces to buy csgo high tier accounts with high rank.

High-tier prime accounts have 200+ wins and 1000+ hours. You can get a service medal after reaching profile rank 40 and you can redeem it from inventory. But you don’t need to wait for 5 months to get a service medal in csgo accounts. We are always ready to provide csgo service medal account.

Our mission is to make happy to our customers with the best experience of playing CSGO with accounts purchased from CSGOStation. Let us tell you why the High Tier CSO Accounts are different than the rest of the CSGO Accounts on our website.

What is a Service Medal?

In CSGO, There will be 2 types of ranks depending on the skill set and another one is on experience level. All things depend on the player’s gameplay that how much he grinded with game sense and sill levels. This medal appears in inventory as an achievement and everyone can see it. CSGO Developers release a new medal every year.

Why Service medal accounts are so expensive?

CSGO medal takes a lot of time or months with regular gameplay but our csgo boosters work every day tirelessly in order to produce such accounts for the ever-growing in market

What are the criteria used to evaluate the price of service medal accounts?

The criteria of evaluation depend on the following factors:

– Age of steam account.
– Number of service medals with their levels.
– Number of played hours and matchmaking wins.
– Number of comments and commends.
– Number of trophies, badges and coins.
– Steam games and steam level.