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CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Smurf Accounts are the best csgo ranked accounts. You can get csgo prime status from the steam market or CSGOStation Store, these are two ways to get csgo prime status on sale. We provide all types of csgo smurf ranked accounts from silver prime accounts to global elite prime accounts. You can get prime status by playing csgo competitive for 2-3 months. Why so taking time for prime, we are providing you the best csgo accounts PayPal with a high trust factor. Prime Status reduces too many chances to meet hackers and cheaters in-game and improves the game standard. Players will be matched for competitive matches with other prime users and eligible to receive exclusive souvenir items, cases, skins, item drops and have access to community servers.

CSGO prime ranked accounts have the following types :

1. Silver Accounts
2. Gold Nova Accounts
3. Master Guardian Accounts
4. Legendary Eagle Accounts
5. SMFC Accounts
6. Global Elite Accounts